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Bordcomputer - navidator


GfE CarPC - conceived for the use in emergency cars (fire brigade, rescue service...)- is a completely functional PC - only smaller, more resistant and robust than normal PC. It can be combined with virtually any hardware (for example with thermovision camera, card scanner ...etc.).


Board computers are installed in single cars and they communicate through mobile networks with the dispatching centre. The dispatching centre forwards the tasks that need to be carried out to the board computer. In the other direction information about the fulfilment of the tasks and about the actual position of the vehicle are sent. For some special situations, there is a possibility to transfer the office of the dispatching centre into one of emergency cars and so to coordinate the intervention directly on the place.


The GfE CarPC together with our user friendly software (GfE CarClient + navigation system) presents a unique integrated system - newly under the trade-mark navidator.


This system can be easily and inexpensively updated and extended at any time.


The base of the navidator (the board-computer + software) can be used over the whole lifetime of the car - also by the emergency cars of the fire brigade with a long lifetime!



Navidator offers you functions which you always wanted to have - just some examples:

  • A possibility of picture analysis from the thermovision camera on the display in the car eventually in the dispatching centre - picture transfer directly from the fire location: e.g. you can recognize the possibility of a flashover early enough to save time!
  • For each car an individual intervention plan - e.g. in complicated conditions in big industry companies etc. can be made.
  • Functions for the fleet administrator: maintenance, well-timed repairs and fault rectification - all can be centrally controlled
  • Account without protraction - this is important first of all for the companies offering transportation of the sick: the account department has all the needed information immediately after the end of the intervention


Other functions:

  • Navigation - the actual version is working with the program MapFactor Navigator 9
  • Transfer of the text messages in both directions (dispatching <-> emergency car)
  • Transfer of the final report to the dispatching centre immediately after the end of the intervention; these information serve e.g. for the account purpose.
  • Download of information on the patients cards (reading of insurance cards)
  • Download of information from the car per OBD-interface (e.g. fuel level, speed, engine speed) and its transfer to the dispatching centre
  • Day-book of refuelling - after refuelling the driver sends information (price, litres, tachometer condition) to the dispatching centre
  • Statement of consumption of material after the end of the relay
  • Completion of forms (questionnaires) about the relay and about clients or interventions
  • Transfer of relevant documents for the intervention from the dispatching centre to the emergency car
  • Secure communication between the dispatching centre and the car

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