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Main module


The Main module GfE GEFAS / GfE AMBUTAS presents the centre of the data management, because it saves, processes and evaluates all code-books and primary data. It is here where the protocols of intervention are made; the resources, places, equipment and objects of intervention are managed; the co-workers are informed and the times of duty are assigned ... and more.


The Main module can be extended with many additional modules. In this way the utility can be improved and the possibility of use extended. The main additional modules are: Account, Evaluation, Duty roster and others.


The Main module has two versions, so we can satisfy your demands - demands of our customers. If you handle passengers and transport is your ordinary service, then the GfE - AMBUTAS is designed exactly for you. For dispatching centres, rescue services, for fire brigades etc. install the module GfE - GEFAS.



- easy, fast, safe operation without stress
- leading and regulation of distraction of danger on one place
- free selective definition of the areas of responsibility and competences
- uniquely easy and low expense data care
- full integration of all subsystems
- highest availability due to failure-free data deposit
- innovative application for intranet, extranet and www
- independence of operating system and platforms
- unlimited number of internal and external users
- tactical, logical and communicational-technical centre
- lawful automatic logging of interventions
- efficient solutions through application of well-tried IT-resources and methods
- lasting simplification of administration through central data deposit
- optimization of all connected operations and businesses
- significant relief of the voluntary and honorary services

GfE - GEFAS / GfE - AMBUTAS is a generally optimized application in the area of mitigation of danger -in aid of responsible persons, for safety of dispatchers and emergency personnel and for the welfare of the society!

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